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"Capturing the essence of Beauty"

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I have been interested in photography for quite a while now, i.e. from the days before digital photography when we still used 35mm film and it cost a bomb to develop the prints! Anyway, this site serves to share some of my humble works with you.

The bulk of my work is done for fun - when I travel, walkabout or when I am asked by family and friends to help take that special occasion. I also spend some time doing shoots for friends with blogshops. Once in a while, I also help aspiring models build up their portfolios or friends who want to take some studio shots. So do let me know if you need a photographer and we will see if our schedules coincide!

Well, I do not do this professionally. Guess I am more of a 'serious amateur'? As in, have been spending some serious money on gear but still getting amateur results? :p

Do feel free to drop me an email or leave your comments if you want to collaborate or to provide me with some constructive criticism!

Take care and SMILE ALWAYS!

Warmest regards